Why choose FlyFighterJet.com / MiGFlug.com to book a jet flight?

There are many reasons why you should book with us. Here’s our top-five:

1. We’re friendly, reliable and authentic

Ask anyone who booked a flight with us – we’re known to be friendly! Even with the best planning, things can go wrong: the weather can be bad, or you’ll have to reschedule the flight for whatever reason. And in such cases, we’re at your side to fix the situation and find the most customer-friendly solution. Your e-mails will generally be answered within one hour maximum. Also, we’re available by phone almost 24/7. If you’re traveling to an airfield abroad, you’ll always be given contacts to our local people on site, making sure you can always reach us.

We’re authorized by SWX Multipay to handle world-wide credit card payments, we’re a real registered company and you can come and see us in Zurich any day. Moreover, we are proud to be a certified HIGH QUALITY COMPANY. Should a client encounter a problem with us, he could report it to the independent organization HIGH QUALITY COMPANY which would withdraw the certification immediately.
Nothing on this website is invented or copied from others – all customer reviews are real statements from real people, and every picture you see on this site was taken by us.

2. We’re enthusiasts

Aviation is what we love! And that’s why we know what we’re talking about. Do you have questions about technical specs of our jets? About pricing, or about organization? We’re happy to answer your questions.

3. We offer unbeatable prices

“Bought cheap = bought twice” is definitely wrong here. Compare us with similar offers and you’ll see that we offer the best prices. Why’s that? Because we have direct connections to key people and because many people choose to fly with us which gives us a good position in the market. Also, we arrange jet flights out of passion and don’t have to finance a huge corporation.

4. We have the most jets and the best locations

Since we’re true aviation enthusiasts, we always strive to reveal the best places to fly jets. Maybe you’ll meet us on the airfield, or maybe there’s some other aviation event going on while you booked a flight with us – we’ll bring you there! When the airfield Zhukovsky near Moscow closed doors for civilians in early 2006, we were the first company to start MiG flights in another Russian city Nizhniy Novgorod – while the whole world was waiting for Zhukovsky to re-open (what has never happened). That’s why it’s no wonder that numerous others are trying copycat us on a regular basis but fall short in many aspects.

5. We’re the original

If you buy from a travel office, concierge service or adventure company – chances are that you’re buying in fact from one of our various resellers. Do you run a travel agency and feel you’d like to market our services? Please get in touch with us.


FlyFighterJet.com allows you to fly in a real fighter jet - even if you're not a pilot! Our experienced instructors will take you for a jet ride.

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"I couldn't have imagined how easy it is to control a jet!" - Florian, University Student from Germany

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