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Our clients are multifaceted: Young and old, female and male, aviation fans, adrenaline junkies, professional pilots, retired fighter pilots – it’s impossible to classify our clients. arranged flights for apprentices, engineers, construction workers, university professors – and even celebrities like Tony Bourdain! There’s just one thing all our clients have in common: They fulfilled their dream to fly a fighter jet. You can find some customer feedbacks below. Visit us at to read more customer feedback and get regular updates.

Edge of Space Flight in the MiG-29 Fulcrum

Edge of Space Flight in the MiG-29 Fulcrum

Igor, after his flight in the L-39 in New York


My name is Igor V. F. and I wanted to share my recent flying experience with you which my wife booked through you with Dan out of New York State. I wanted to first say that Dan was a consummate professional, a wonderfully experienced pilot that exhumed know how and confidence which greatly put my and my wife`s concerns at ease leading to what proved to be an exciting and amazing experience all around.

…..this is what I shared with my friends…

So as the weekend rolled around Jeanine (my wife) told me it was time for me to cash in on my 10 year wedding anniversary gift. Driving about 100 miles away from home, 5 miles short of our destination, she tells me to pull over and puts a blind fold on me… and drives the rest of the way.

When we stop and she pulls me out of the car.. I see it. Pictures attached.

The little wife arranged for me to go up in a L-39 Russian (Czechoslovakian built to be correct) military Top Gun trainer for an hour of Mach 1 (600 miles per hour or so) doing flips, loops etc.. at my own whim and peril. She of course was happy to encourage me to sign all the papers waiving any rights and claims I may have if I return immobile.. J..

If you are in any way a thrill seeker, this experience I could not more highly recommend. The pilot is a Gulf War pilot Vet flying 47 ‘hot’ missions in Iraq (as noted by the number on the side of this plane).. and I could not feel more comfortable than I did in his hands. Quiet confidence through and through is what he displayed and after going through what as a roughly two hour brief on all the things that could go wrong and the 5 or so ways I would need to remember in order should we need to bail out of the plane at 500 miles per hour which included your standard ejection seat being jettisoned out of this military machine to having to jettison through the canopy should it not a few more emergency ways to get out.. all the way to jumping out WWII style as we manually kick off the canopy in case it fails to jettison… What a RUSH.. Thrill..

Dan was also kind enough to arrange to have a friend of his (Steve) come up in his Cessna plane. We didn’t expect this nor were we aware that he was going to make these arrangements.. took Jeanine and the boys (Nicholas, Adin… little Alexa we decided was too small) up in the air from which vantage point Jeanine was able to continue filming my take off and flight. To make matters more interesting after takeoff, our Jet caught up to the Cessna.. and we flew wing to at 250 miles per hour while we waved and took pictures and video.

After this bit of frolic, Dan pulled away and did a few barrel rolls as we sped into the distance to a height of 10,000 feet. After a bit more getting acquainted with my surroundings, Dan let me take the stick and prompted me into doing nose dives, barrel rolls and showed me some evasive maneuvers which one would use in a dog fight .. while pulling up to 5 G’s. .. 5x the weight of Gravity.. eg.. where I weigh around 200lb.. at 5 G’s I weighed close to a 1000lb. This puts any rollercoaster to shame.. and then some.

That being said.. thank you for everything.

By the way.. do you have MIGFLUG baseball caps or t-shirts? (we do:


Carolina, who presented an L-39 flight in the USA to her husband:

What an experience!!!!! Michael LOVED his flight, Steve could not have been more perfect as a pilot/guide for this adventure!  Please accept all my gratitude and congratulations for having such a professional, personable, and genuinely nice gentleman as the L-39 pilot.  My husband and him spoke for a long time before the flight and it was absolutely fascinating!

We will surely use your services again!

Merci Beaucoup, Carolina


Michael, aircraft mechanic from Austria who flew the L-39 in the Czech Republic:

JUST INCREDIBLE!!!!! Cool guys, easy atmosphere and an outstandingly wicked ride! Thank you very much, we keep in touch!

Cheers – Michael


Michelle, university lecturer from UK who flew the MiG-29 in Russia

This is just a quick email, but I just wanted to express to you how much both Peter and I enjoyed meeting you and Olga, and are sorry not to have time to meet for cocktails but we were too busy soaking up Moscow.

I personally want to also say how fantastic the flight was and to thank you and the Russian team for such excellent organization and making the flight so memorable. I would appreciate it if you pass onto them my sincere gratitude.

Will be in contact soon

bests Michelle


Tony and Leo, brand managers from Australia who flew the L-39 in Russia

Tony and his friend Leo took a joyride in the Aero L-39 Albatros in Russia. They wrote us:
The flight was great and we performed some incredible manouvres.  Olga is a credit to your company and has been nothing short of fantastic.

Thank you for organising the flight. We think the next will be a supersonic.

Thanks again, Tony + Leo


Ricardo from Switzerland flew the L-39 in New York (this very L-39 is in Texas now)

I´m back to Brazil. I didn´t get a chance to reply to you before, but I would like to say I really appreciate the flight! You are a great pilot, I was 100% confident all the time and it was an awesome experience! I enjoyed every second and for sure it is the kind of adventure I never will forget for the whole life and was the best I did so far!

Absolutely, it was my pleasure to have the chance to have a flight with so experienced pilot and nice person!

Thanks for all the support you provided before, during and after the flight, you were great! If you need some testimonial or feedback please count on me, will be a pleasure to share my feedbacks.

My best regards, Ricardo “Mad Dog”


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