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The Ultimate Gift: A Flight in a Fighter Jet. Order Now and Print Your Certificate immediately

FFJ Gift Certificate Sample

Are you still looking for that special last-minute gift? We’re here to help! By filling out the form below, you can purchase a flight gift certificate that will entitle yourself or your gift recipient for a flight at any of our U.S. locations (California or Florida) for a flight within one year. Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete the form below and click purchase gift certificate
  2. You’re directly forwarded to PayPal to complete the payment process
  3. After payment, you’ll immediately receive your flight gift certificate via Email
  • You will receive a flight gift certificate within five minutes
  • Convenient and safe payment by credit card through PayPal
  • The lucky gift recipient will be able to schedule a flight within one year after your purchase
  • The flight can take place at any of our U.S. locations (California or Florida)

Please be aware that flight dates have to be scheduled in advance. You can download, print and present the certificate immediately after purchase. The actual flight can be scheduled any time later. Our general terms are at all times applicable.

Important: The form below will only reserve a flight if you complete the payment process. If you would like to inquire about flights without committing for payment, please contact us first (please allow 24 hours to get back to you). If you require the voucher immediately or have no further questions, please proceed by using the form below.

  • Option 1 (Deposit): You order a gift certificate starting from 800$. When you arrive to the airfield on the day of flight, the remaining sum of the flight price is to be paid in cash or cheque to the pilot. The 800$ value of the voucher are deducted from the flight price. Tho choose this option, select the first option below (“Deposit for a Reservation”)
  • Option 2 (Full Flight): You reserve a complete flight package. There is no additional payment required on the airfield. To choose this option, select any of the flight packages below (30 minutes flight, 45 minutes flight or one hour flight).

Flight Gift Certificate Purchase Form | Choose Location, Video and Payment - Stripe

    Please note - Florida is now $1000 extra due to an upgrade to a new - more powerful engine. The "Deposit" option entitles you for a flight within one year. With the deposit, you receive a gift certificate and value voucher. The rest of the flight price is to be settled on the day of flight on the airfield in cash or by cheque. The 30/45/60 minutes flight options include everything related to the flight, there is no cash payment required on the flight date. Each flight includes everything needed: all flight gear to use (flight, helmet, gloves if applicable), a flight instruction, security briefing, admission to the airfield. Flight date upon individual appointment, usually all days possible.
    We have the possibility to record in-flight movies as a nice souvenir of your flight. These are high-quality, wide-angle HD movies. The movie will be given to you right after the flight as an electronic file in MP4 format.
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    This is the price for the flight and options you chose. Please enter your credit card information in the next step to settle the payment and order your flight gift certificate.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

What’s this Form For?

This Form allows you to directly purchase a flight Gift Certificate by either paying parts or the complete fee for a flight. To complete the form, a credit card payment is required.