MiG-15 classic Jet Flights in Czech Republic

Fly this classic jet legend in Czech Republic


MiG-15. A legend. It was the first fighter jet that was broadly used and had quite an impact in a War – the Nazi’s Me-262 came too late in WWII. The MiG-15 played a big role in the Korean War and was superior to the counterparts – American prop warbirds and later the first American jets. The MiG-15 is not only a legendary jet warbird, it is also a very radical concept. The MiG-15 is basically a jet engine with a cockpit on top. And it is incredibly fast and powerful, with a never exceed speed of Mach 1!

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What’s included in the MiG-15 flight near Prague?

  • Meeting the pilot, discussion of flight program
  • Theoretical Instruction by experienced flight instructors
  • Flight including Loops, Rolls, Immelman, Split-S, Dive, Steep Climb and more
  • Possibilities to control the MiG-15 while airborne under guidance of the pilot-instructor

Included in the price are also:

  • Access permission to the airfield
  • A flight certificate including the specs of your flight

An edited flight video package and the transfer from Prague is available at additional cost.

What does it cost to fly the MiG-15 in Czech Republic?

Currently, a 20 minute MiG-15 flight costs EUR 4000 including all preparations, equipment, taxes and fees. The 15min flight costs EUR 3250.

What are the requirements fly the MiG-15 flight in Czech Republic?

If you’re healthy, you’re probably good to go. See a detailed list of what’s needed.

A little bit of MiG-15 History

The MiG-15 had a very important role in the starting jet age. We can recommend two interesting articles about the MiG-15 that you are going to fly and the role of the MiG-15 in the Korean War.

How to book a MiG-15 Flight

That’s actually very easy. Contact us – and we’ll send you further information about the MiG-15. The availability is very good, and flights take place all year. Weekdays and weekend are possible. Recommended period for booking the MiG-15 in Czech Republic is end of April to October.

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