Fly the L-39 Albatros near Rimini in Italy

Please note that L-39 in Rimini is not available for booking at this time. We update our customers as soon as we offer any new services and locations!

 The active European Fighter Jet Flights we can offer at the moment:

We hope to have another L-39 to offer in Rimini or elsewhere in Italy in the future.

Aerobatic aces of the world-famous Frecce Tricolori and military pilots of the Aeronautica Militare

Enjoy a thrilling ride over the adriatic sea and perform stunning maneuvres in a military aircraft.

Take an fighter jet ride with a Frecce Tricolori pilot

The L-39 is a great aircraft to take a joyride. More powerful than any piston engine two-seater, it is made for maximum manoeuvrability and flight experience. As the L-39 is a trainer, both the instructor and the trainee (that is, you) have a fully-equipped cockpit and a great view. Thanks to its short and straight wings, the L-39 can perform stunning manoeuvres and push up to +8 / -4 G. Even if it doesn’t go supersonic, it’s great value for money and a thrill one never forgets.

What’s included in an L-39 flight?

  • Meeting the pilot, discussion of flight program
  • Theoretical instruction by experienced military pilots
  • Flight including Loops, Rolls, Immelman, Split-S, Dive, Steep Climb and the high-speed low-pass over the runway.
  • Possibilities to partly control the jet while airborne under guidance of your pilot

Included in the price are also

  • Pick-up by airfield personnel at the meeting poing
  • Access permission to the airfield
  • A flight certificate including the specs of your flight
  • Permission to take pictures and film a movie yourself

Also available for additional cost:

  • an in-flight video by 3 cams (will be delivered to you on DVD)
  • accompany service by our local guide

What does it cost to fly the L-39 in Italy?

The price for an L-39 flight (25 minutes block time) was EUR 1,999.00 including all paperwork. 30 Minutes flights costed EUR 2,750.00.


What are the requirements for a military jet flight in Italy?

If you’re healthy, you’re probably good to go. See a detailled list of what’s needed.

Is there something more?

Italy in general and the area near Rimini in particular are a great place to spend a short vacation and enjoy mediterranean, warm weather even in winter months. You can reach us easily from Bologna Airport by rental car. We’re happy to arrange Hotel stays and more to make you feel comfortable.

A little bit of L-39 history

The Aero L-39 “Albatros” was designed by Aero Vodochody in the former Czechoslovakia (CSSR) to meet the Soviet Air Force’s needs of a lightweight, cost-effective and manoeuvrable training aircraft. Read more about the Aero L-39 Albatros or book your flight right now by using the form below.

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Flight Currently Unavailable

Unfortunately it is currently not possible to fly a fighter jet in Italy.

Welcome allows you to fly in a real fighter jet - even if you're not a pilot! Our experienced instructors will take you for a jet ride.

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"I felt absolutely safe in the air, and that I could control the jet myself put the cherry on the top!" - Andrea, Insurance Account Manager from Italy.

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