L-39 Fighter Jet Flight in Florida

Enjoy a Flight in a Fighter Jet in Florida

The L-39 in Florida is currently getting a new engine and is back in October.

A fantastic L-39, sun and fun – that’s what’s waiting for you in Tampa, Florida.

Get ready to take a Florida Fighter Jet Instruction Flight in the L-39 Albatros military jet right above the gulf of Mexico. This L-39 jet is also used by the Russian cosmonauts and fighter pilots for training. It is a perfect trainer. Students will get the opportunity to fly this exciting and responsive jet under the close supervision of flight instructors. No flight experience is needed to take part in a fighter jet training flight. High “g” manoeuvres and basic acrobatics are part of this “top gun” flight. This aircraft is fully equipped with ejection seats for your safety.
Recently, we had a heavy metal star flying: Zoltan Bathory, guitarist and songwriter for LA-based Five Finger Death Punch.

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What’s included in an L-39 flight in Florida / Gulf of Mexico?

  • Meeting the pilot, discussion of flight program
  • Theoretical Instruction by experienced flight instructors
  • L-39 Jet Flight including Loops, Rolls, Immelman, Split-S, Dive, Steep Climb and more
  • Possibilities to control the jet while airborne under guidance of the pilot-instructor
  • Included in the price are also:

  • Access permission to the airfield
  • A medical check-up before the flight to make sure your daily condition won’t put you at risk
  • A flight certificate including the specs of your flight
  • Permission to take pictures and film a movie yourself
  • Also available for additional cost:

  • pictures and videos
  • What does it cost to fly the L-39 in Tampa Bay?

    The flight price depends on the flight duration: A 30 minutes flight costs USD 4,950.00, a 45 minutes sortie costs USD 6,400.00 while a one-hour-flight costs USD 7,750.00. This includes all paperwork. Other flight durations are also possible, please contact us for a price quote.

    What are the requirements fly the L-39 fighter jet in Florida?

    If you’re healthy, you’re probably good to go. See a detailled list of what’s needed.

    A little bit of L-39 history

    The Aero L-39 “Albatros” was designed by Aero Vodochody in the former Czechoslovakia (CSSR) to meet the Soviet Air Force’s needs of a lightweight, cost-effective and manoeuvrable training aircraft. Thanks to its spacious cockpit with great view and its easy handling, it is an ideal aircraft for a jet flight. Read more about the L-39 Albatros Jet or book your flight right now by using the form below.

    How to book a Fighter Jet Flight

    You’d like to fly or give a jet flight as a Gift and wonder how we go from here? Very easy.
    The availability is very good so we won’t have problems finding a flight day for you – even on short notice. You can either book a flight for yourself or buy a gift voucher.
    And – you can’t do anything wrong. You’ll have the flexibility to change the flight date and you can even change the flight location at no cost. We have Florida, California (and even Texas and Toronto/Canada) available – all at the same conditions and with the same fantastic flight program.

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    FlyFighterJet.com allows you to fly in a real fighter jet - even if you're not a pilot! Our experienced instructors will take you for a jet ride.

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    "I felt absolutely safe in the air, and that I could control the jet myself put the cherry on the top!" - Andrea, Insurance Account Manager from Italy.

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