L-39 Flight Reservation

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On the form below, you can directly pay your deposit for a flight using your credit card.

L-39 Flight Reservation

By filling out the form below you secure one of the limited flights in the L-39 jet available. This form is fully SSL-Secured and your data privacy is at all times guaranteed.

    By paying the deposit, you mandate us to arrange an L-39 flight. The remaining amount of the flight price is due on the day of flight in cash or by cheque.
    Please choose the location of your flight. If you are not sure just yet, please select "I will choose later".
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This form is SSL-secured to protect your data privacy.

Client Testimonials

"How can I say this in a polite way... It was THE greatest experience in my life to fly with the L-39. It was the most violent, stunning, breathtaking and coolest thing I have ever done. Only a ride in a even more powerful jet can beat this. My smile has grown even bigger and I can't wipe it off. I just need to see the pictures or video from the day and then, I'm right back in that moment. This was the best day of my life" - Michael, Denmark