Edge of Space Flight in the MiG-29 Fulcrum

MiG-29: Your last chance for Edge of Space and Supersonic Flights in Russia

Unleash your inner Maverick! The MiG-29 Flight is the only fighter aircraft available for Supersonic Flights and Edge of Space Flights. The MiG-29 Fulcrum is also a modern fighter aircraft, belonging to the 4th generation. Given the fact that even European Air Forces still use the much older MiG-21 Fishbed, it is very surprising that tourists can fly in such modern aircraft to an altitude of up to 22km (13.7 miles or more than 72,000 fts). 17km is guaranteed, the altitude reached depends on the weather and the air temperature.
The MiG-29 Fulcrum is a Mach 2+ interceptor and a state of the art multirole fighter jet.

What are the requirements to book a flight in the MiG-29 Fulcrum?

If you’re healthy, you’re probably good to go. See a detailled list of what’s needed for a MiG flight.

What will I get if I book an Edge of Space Flight?

You’ll get a thrilling approx. 45-50 minutes jet ride including:

    • A walk around the MiG-29 jet including detailed explanations
    • Cruising at double Supersonic Speed (Mach 2)
    • Manoeuvres such as rolls, steep diving and climbing and more, depending on what your worked out plan together with the pilot
    • A fantastic view onto the earth from above
    • You will see the curvature of the earth
    • Possibility to control the jet
    • A handshake with one of Russia’s top guns who holds licenses of various combat aircraft!
    • In short: Your adventure of a lifetime

Included in the price:

    • Free transfer from your hotel in Nizhniy Novgorod to the airfield and back
    • Accompany service by our translator
    • Access permission to the military airfield
    • A medical check-up before the flight to make sure your daily condition won’t put you at risk during your adventure
    • Introduction meeting with your pilot, flight briefing
    • A flight certificate including the specs of your Edge of Space flight
    • All fees, taxes etc.

Also available for an additional fee:

  • pictures and videos (optional as we have to obtain permission first)
  • new multiangle video with outside cameras attached – just like in the video above
  • transfers by train or plane from Moscow (via Sheremetyevo or Domodedovo), hotel, taxi services
  • What does it cost to fly to the Edge of Space?

    Currently, a 45-50 minutes MiG-29 flight costs EUR 17,500.00, including all paperwork and translation plus transfer services. However, prices change often and we promise you to offer the lowest possible price.

    The Edge of Space flight is one of the most expensive fighter jet flight experience we offer. In case you prefer aerobatics you should think about our normal MiG-29 Flight with focus on aerobatics. It is substantially cheaper, starting at EUR 12,500.00. Please contact us for the latest pricing information.

    The only Supersonic Jet for Passenger Flights Worldwide

    The Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum is an extremely powerful figher aircraft. It climbs at a rate of 330m/s and has a thrust/weight ratio >1 – which means it can accelerate when climbing vertically. Just like a rocket. The MiG-29 is the only supersonic fighter jet available for flights with Civilians, worldwide. In other words, your one and only chance to break the sound barrier. On top of that – you have a higher back seat to ensure you have a great view over the pilot – and the Fulcrum is also a very nice and sporty looking plane with excellent manoeuvrability. In short – the perfect fighter jet to fly in. It is very well maintained and flown by test pilots.
    The MiG-29 is a modern 4th generation multirole fighter used by many Air Forces, also in the NATO.

    Is there something more?

    The MiG-29 flight can’t be booked on short notice – we’ll need at least 60 business days to get airbase access in Russia. Russia has a lot to offer, especially for aviation freaks. We recommend to stay in Moscow for two or three days and visit the famous Monino museum and Star City. Whatever you prefer, just let us know and we will make your Fighter Flight Adventure in Russia even better. We have a Russia specialist taking care of all your needs and travel arrangements.

    Want to come as close to Space as possible? Contact us to inquire about or book a MiG-29 Edge of Space Flight

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    Edge of Space Flight in the MiG-29 Fulcrum


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