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This website is run by a collective of aviation enthusiasts, fighter pilots and warbird owners who like to share their passion with people alike. Feel free to contact us  – we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Legal Information

FlyFighterJet.com is a brand of Switzerland-based MiGFlug & Adventure GmbH, founded by two aviation enthusiasts who want to give everybody the possibility to fly in a jet fighter. The company is still led by its founders Flavio Kaufmann and Philipp Schaer. The T&C of the parent company MiGFlug & Adventure GmbH apply to all bookings through FlyFighterJet.com.

Branch Office Address

Gruengasse 19, 8004 Zurich, Switzerland

Registered Office

Dorfstrasse, 6404 Greppen, Switzerland
Registered in the Register of Commerce of the Canton of Lucerne, company number CH-

MiGFlug & Adventure GmbH is authorized by SIX Multipay AG to handle Credit Card payments and PCI-DSS certified for data privacy compliance.

Please visit our more extensive site www.migflug.com for more information.

Contact Information

You can reach us by telephone or e-mail. Please use the contacts indicated on our flying jet booking page to get in touch with us.

The Team

FlyFighterJet.com is completely owner-managed by Flavio Kaufmann and Philipp Schaer.

Our Blog about Fighter Jet Rides

We decided to set up a blog about topics around Jet Fighter Rides in which we would like to cover topics that are interesting to our visitors. So in case oyu are interested, visit our Jet Fighter Flight Blog. To start, we want to answer a question that we are often asked by visitors: Which is the fastest plane in the world.